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You need a way to achieve timing retard with boost, and haven't that I can see, overcome that within the bounds of your stated approach goals.

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ImporterExporterJan 7, I have personally done this mod back in the day and it made the PCM go nuts. It is an ingenous way Nissan uses to get a basic pulse width. What's the proper gap space? Next is fueling during closed loop and open However, mpg went down at 36k miles bored maf lets chat I put a new set of plugs in the car, mpg back up.

Failure to do so will result in high and low pressure areas which can cause turbulence. In fact, for those who don't have access to a dyno, air intake volume is a good way to know how much power you have gained if you haven't modified the MAF.

Without needing the entire source of those, Anyone could understand that it is a hoax and Sources are claiming that it's one of caspian dialects, Since caspian dialects are intelligble from region to the neighbor region but not from far east to the far west, both mazanderani and gileki are two dialects of caspian language, See the map created by myself in Caspian languages. Get an Elmscan from scantool. My wife's car is now 9 years old and has almost 70, miles that has never had the plugs out and they may never be changed.

I'm satisfied with what I got.

Maybe even drop a high flow filter in and grab some values for that. Go-figure with the amount of unburnt fuel shooting through it. Replacing them 3 times within thatmile cycle will be cheaper and net the same performance and fuel mileage, or better. The renewed plugs will make a difference but in time they won't because other deterioration takes place. Now the engine gets more air for the same amount of fuel thus running lean.

But you'd still need a reprogram right? If it was still screened I'd probably leave it alone though. Would you guys recommend a 4bar program with a cobra MAF and walbro ??? Maybe they should have been removed and replaced with antisieze on the thre soon after buying but as of now I'll just leave them until they have to be changed. The MAF is calibrated to tell the engine how much air is coming in thru a certain size opening. The MAF is not a problem! I have been an electronics tech for quite a few years. I guess its easy when you have the correct tools, a dremel is essential.

It in more advance for the same pressure, and less fuel in open loop. Your car is always in open loop once it warms up. With these cars the plugs are very easy to change, so the money might not justify the service length. Tom HanksJan 7, OK, so you didn't know any better. It'll be a peice of cake to route up a secondary intake Didn't somebody mention something about a MAFS tuner that the f-body's use, I thought I read somewhere that we could use this on our cars also. I'm pretty happy with the end result to be honest, im sure it'll make some difference This intake cannot be used without an aftermarket tuning solution that allows the use of a MAP calibration.

I'm trying to figure out all the usefull measuring blocks etc.

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Jarry just got a huge SO on the 2nd game of back to backs which the Pens have been absolutely putrid in. If you want to do this mod then do the mod but don't sit and ruin my thread and say my car is going to blow up from porting my MAFS, it runs, idles and drives fine, that's all there is to it, no problems whatsoever.

Dude has won back to back SC's, and prior to this year has been unbelievably good. I'll have another airbox in a few days, so i'll drop it in and log a few different variables to add to the how to thread.

Seeing at it's rated at HP at the crank stock, I'm not sure I would believe that. I suggest you focus your mental energy there. The reason being that the electrodes of the newer plugs are sharp edged. And fuel and intake system cleaning aka cleaned maf sensor. Required an adjustable FPR Malpassi to get idle mixtures correct for the lack of metered air re: difference in pressure within the MAF housing.

I'll turn this into a how to for the B6 later No controversy yet and I do expect Murray to bounce back as the season goes on but again, big props to Jarry for coming in and really being a big reason why this team isn't in a deeper hole than we are now. I have pulls both in 2nd and in 3rd and they within about 2HP and have the precise same curve.

It has a slightly longer reach which doesn't interfere. AFR then it wouldn't matter much while in open loop as long as the variables stay relatively the bored maf lets chat BMW i5 Forum. Actually, I ran the fastest if you can call One way that could work for low boost would be to reverse the principle of the MAF mod until the maf is maxed out at peak engine output, use stock injectors, shunt the stock fuel pressure regulator and put in a surge tank inline return system, and then use a mechanical rising rate fuel pressure regulator.

I put a full can of Seafoam in It and it was a monster after one tankful. One way to do that is to run it from first gear all the way up without slowing I don't think anyone's proved a logged difference removing it. That's about what I did It is all in there.

He doesn't run rich and he makes awhp on a 28 series. In fact, for those who don't have access to a dyno, air intake volume is a good way to know how much power you have gained if you haven't modified the MAF.

Idea popped into head after this happen at my shop this week with a customer.

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ed Jun 8, What it does show is that the airbox itself isn't a big restriction for peak kw, but it is for PSI drop across it hence throttle response improvement. Forgive me ROC, I did read and did understand what you said.

I'm an NGK copper man for life now. I bought a used Eclipse Spyder GT with 50, on it.

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Toyota Nation Forum. By removing material, you are now allowing more air into the car for the same reading that ly was less flow. The fix is ECU retune to suit the new airflow in the fuel map.

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Jump to Latest Follow. While we are on the topic of airflow, some of you b6's might enjoy upgrading your intake snorkles to V6 models, 8EO L. When i think about it now i can only call myself an idiot.

Tiny bit more induction noise, but nothing that is really noticeable unless your listening for it. Stay tuned. I hear you man, and you're absolutely right. And yes, they are identical meters except for the program based on the volume of the engine Volcon ePowersports Forum. This is a huge revelation! I know this because I've done what I would call a "bad pull". Comes in varying sizes. Good to go!

Great job, and well documented! Only the Z06 came! Also I heat wrap all egr tubes that come in for tune as week as the hot tube kills coils also. I'm talking about mm larger, not too much.

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He's young and he's going to have some ups and downs. Note that each injector fires once every two engine revolutions! What would i be looking at for psi and hp's?? None of the theoretically easy solutions work for crap with boost in closed loop. Or is it from inside the guard?

For MAF voltage vs. However, I am a firm believer in doing it right.

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But even with screen and what not, doesnt the cold air intake cause same amount of turubulance to throw off the reading anyway?