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Follow ECR. Chat s: Latest Older. Is it possible they are planning to correlate both for one more substantial RNS or would they have to release hole 1 as soon as it's analysed as it's market sensitive? Hoping for a update soon also as CB has reiterated they are due any time. Perhaps the final piece of the jigsaw to tie up the JV. I suspect some ORR money may migrate over today.

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Well I've topped up again, a few getting jitters, if i've learnt anything this last year is things always take longer than you expect in regards to JVs and Assay !

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So much to look forward to. We just need to be there for each other, be ready to start a conversation and maybe practice our listening skills. Good luck with EEE. Watchlists are a member only feature to your failed. Just another troll, once bitten is in fact several times bitten, but never shies away from ecr chat a big fat bully. All quiet here still Almost like a ecr chat forming We are a bit of a wounded stock at the moment.

ECR have decided to diamond drill across several s, many on former producing mines from a hundred years ago, so they have a lot of surface or near surface geological data, but have they skipped some steps, the RC drilling and geophysical, electromagnetic, or gravity based surveys? After the death of George Floyd, the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University created and promoted an event where black graduate students within the faculty could come together and discuss their experiences and how the university could better support them. It's annoying when you cannot substantiate ANY of your claims.

Two big fat troll bullies, pathetic, you should be ashamed to call yourselves men. Ask: 1. It was a very powerful event and I hope there will be more organized especially within different faculties because they offer an amazing opportunity to build a strong network between us. I believe that people are more open and ready to listen and change things. ECR Minerals is part of the Mining sector. Licences still ongoing CB needs to restore confidence in the SP The 2 remaining drillthe market may be harsh if not outstanding CB needs to make it clear he directs Novum, not the other way around!

In these rules, we refer to ourselves as "we", "us", "our". The last time I went, I noticed that the owner started following me around the store making sure I would not steal anything, which I found very odd since the owners should expect that black people would visit their store. Stay Informed! This article is different since it is not about sharing my personal experience. The recent events placed universities in the spotlight and people started paying attention at the percentages of black faculty members comparing to the total s.

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Until my early twenties I never realized that being black could be an obstacle, however, in my early academic life, one of my professors told me that I would need a tremendous amount of luck as a black woman aspiring a career in neuroscience.

So the first step or what we Status Quo Fri The toughest part is to understand the underlying discrimination since it is quite rare that the rejection will be straight forward.

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Coming out of the confinement, we do not have so many opportunities for social interactions. If he must tweet, how about showing cores with visible gold, or, even better, from our own lab?

News Professional News. This part of my family is more affected since they are Black-African Americans living in the States and experiencing this racial discrimination every day. Set up an online Virtual Portfolio. I'm very excited about the next set of drilling. Chat s: Latest Older. Businesses meeting the criteria above are eligible for our favourable payments terms. Axelle: The death of George Floyd was truly tragic but unfortunately it followed many others.

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Axelle: As a black woman, I am combining two discriminating factors; gender and race. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Yes your right with all of t Theyynot making any more and historically exploration budgets have been cut. Overall, we discussed and shared our experiences since my brother is currently based in U. Follow ECR. Thanks Steve. Craig William Brown.

But I don't continuously deramp. In my opinion there was a hierarchical response to this matter and even though it would have ecr chat nice to receive something from my department, I do not hold it against them since relevant communication can be awkward and considered as a taboo. My opinion is that ECR will come good, and I now have more ECR shares than ever, and I know it is very high risk but they have given themselves and us a great opportunity. No Opinion. Within academia, I have had similar experiences when colleagues would turn to stare at me especially if I were the first black person they see in their lives.

Asking them ecr chat have this chat was awkward, listening to their experiences was uncomfortable but it is a necessary step not only to acknowledge the inequality, injustice and privilege in our communities but also figure out how to become a better ally to the Black Lives Matter BLM movement and a louder advocate for diversity, equality and equity in our society and STEM community.

Should i buy more to cut my loses Nope!!! AG I'm sorry that you have had to adopt apologist in chief for CB. As Axelle mentioned, the whole situation initiated a discussion on social media and especially on Twitter where there is a huge movement about black academics and especially black neuroscientists.

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So this currently is Smartey Perhaps the final piece of the jigsaw to tie up the JV. It's comedy gold, and just keeps on giving. I think that the pandemic gave the opportunity to people to see all the things that are wrong in our society and led them, at the end, to take action.

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Oh come now excellance, you can't hope to post in the manner you do without expecting any blow back, surely? ECR Minerals. As is today's price action. Bid: 1.

Some rubbish again. GLA as they all say If so, is it because they are confident about success because of ly available geological data, or because the methods mentioned don't lend themselves to gold exploration and can only be used for base metals?

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Keep or Cut with Vic Naidoo: spill the tea on your hairdresser A woman shares a video on TikTok where she is trying to style her hair a To report problems on the road: Tel: Music Queries : [ protected] Submit music: We'll need a Soundcloud or YouTube link for consideration. You agree that we have the right to remove any post without notice. Announcements and support statements are nice but concrete actions need to be placed if we want equal opportunities for the upcoming generations of researchers.

Complaints and general queries : [ protected]. The rise of the BLM movement gives the opportunity to everyone to take a retrospective look at their colleagues, their friends, think about their beliefs and try to recognize and be aware of the injustice in their surroundings.

Been to some top venues in my time on the scene but always rue missing the hay day of the Casino. No Opinion. Ecr chat post on a Annual turnover below R50 million.

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Masha Prager-Khoutorsky. Close: 1. Share Risers. Thinking now about my childhood years and early professional life I can better pinpoint s of discrimination that were derived from either curiosity; I wish I had a dollar for every time someone would touch my hair without asking, or ignorance as Amirah ly mentioned. This is embarrassing Now if you multiply that by the consolidation of then its arguable that the share price of "old ECR" reached over p in like for like "real money". I wish there was a stronger and more powerful main network within the university to promote the black community in general and share what we are doing and what we would like to achieve.

Spread: 0. I understand that for some students interacting with me is their first contact with a black person and not everyone is aware of their reaction, which most of times is being shocked. Made some got outgot back in again and regreting it. I am very fortunate in that I only have a couple investments that are out of the money and the ecr chat are up some ificantly.

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Diversity and equity in society and academia: an after-lab-hours chat

Featured image is under Pixabay and free to use. Never ceases to amaze me how some think buying shares is like buying an instant winning lottery ticket, where they have total control over when it all happens. Share Fallers. I suspect some ORR money may migrate over today. The universities, as traditionally open-minded places should lead the conversation and also continue withs strong actions for a society built on equality, equity, diversity and inclusion. Visit Wendy's website here. It is not possible for us to fully monitor all content all of the time but where we have actually received notice of any content that is potentially misleading, untrue, offensive, unlawful, infringes third party rights or is potentially in breach of these terms and conditions, then we will review such content, decide whether to remove it from this website and act accordingly.

Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. application has progressed successfully The Home Office has advised Ecr chat Plants that its application has progressed successfully through internal Home Office checks and that at this point no objections have been raised.