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A few years ago, I was at dinner with new friends.

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These conversation starters are a great way to break the ice! If you want to make sure to keep the conversation flowing at your get together, you can also create a conversation jar! A conversation jar can help you get beyond small talk and start a fun, unusual conversation!

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Either way, I think we can agree, movies are pretty awesome.

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While there are outliers, the answer to this one will depend a LOT on age. What color would you choose to describe yourself?

Random conversation starters

What was your first experience with sex like? So why not ask what theirs is? They both have their benefits and drawbacks.

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Are good teachers born, or are they created? Should I really ask a question about the meaning of life in the middle of a birthday party? Who knows you might just be able to do some together.

Mindful conversation topics for anyone

As we all know, kids have big imaginations. Moving on from personal questions and kind of bummer questions, this one is looking more on the bright side of life. Plus, you can expand the conversation into what they usually do when they hang out with different groups of friends. This will often naturally lead to other things you two can discuss. Conclusion The ideal time to start asking questions is at the beginning of a remote meeting. What bores you? Definitely awkward.

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Now you can find out what weird quirks annoy them. How can we better practice sustainability as a couple? What are you reading right now? If you were a farm animal, which would you be and why?

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How was your commute here? If the regret is more recent, you can also help them by providing feedback and support!

81 funny questions to ask - using humor to improve workplace relationships

So much hype. How did you know when you fell in love? This is a bit philosophical but can be a fun one to discuss. I find that a lot of people have really strong favorites when it comes to this period in their life.

When have you been the most happy? It definitely could spin off into a conversation about comedians, though, which would also be fun.

Tv conversation starters

If you could make up a school subject, what would it be? What is a hobby that you are passionate about? What was the first big purchase you made as an adult? What do you consider most romantic? If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? So just a he up, you might want to save this one for when you know the person well.

Mindful Conversation Topics for Your Friends Are they more of a beach and chill or a cabin and chill kind of person? But depending on where you are and if they have a special hatred for a creature, you might get a different answer.

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You can also transition into a conversation about what makes a movie bad and what tropes you hate in movies. So, my guess is that if where you live has four seasons you probably want to live somewhere with a long summer. What is the silliest thing someone has ever said to you? Have you kept any memorabilia from your childhood? If you are looking for a simpler, more direct question, you can try the next one.

Depending on what country you are both from the answers to this question vary a lot. What book had a big influence on you? Our lives are filled with tech.

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Great post though. Where do you want to be ten years from now? Come up with your own questions based on their answers or from your own creativity.

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Your least favorite? Who do you most admire, and how has that impacted the way you live your life?

73 best things to talk about – never run out of topic.

What do you most like about yourself? And with anything, it has pros and cons. Tell me about your childhood best friend. Probably you both can think of quite a few from each category. This is another question that helps get a conversation going about what they do in their downtime. If you want to find out what your MBTI is, you can take the test here. If the person seems into deeper conversations, you could give this one a go. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Good list of thing to talk about, may with someone you wanna meet for dating or for the first time, but what if someone could not make daily conversaions with anyone including family and surrounding and familiar people, it would be so boring to talk about the same things you talked about already.

Topics to get the conversation started

You can swap good people to follow or suggestions for interesting sites. Conversation starters — More than conversation questions if you get stuck. Now you can swap stories of bizarre apps. These topics to talk about are great for getting to know someone better. I find that the most rewarding way is for everyone to pull up this list of conversation starters on a phone or tablet, and then take turns letting everyone choose a question to ask the group. What would your theme song be if you had your own show?

Asking in Europe?

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What instrument would you like to play? The ideal time to start asking questions is at the beginning of a remote meeting. What is your favorite kitchen smell?

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Pretty typical conversations starter, but a great jumping-off point for a discussion about their favorite movies. What do you wish people better understood about you? Under each topic are a few sample questions to get you started and to help you think of other questions. My guess is that you can think of a couple off the top of your head, and I bet whoever you are talking to can as well!

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What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show? Questions to ask a guy — The questions on this really good for starting a conversation with a guy. Are they a night owl or an early bird, time to find out! If your friend is sad, what do you do to make them feel better? Most people have a spot they have their eyes and heart on. Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular.

What tasks make you feel like your best self? Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? Are you having a good evening? What do you love most about school? Always good to know! So why not ask this question and see if you can find someone else that feels the same way. There are basically three camps. This one goes along with the compulsive checking of phones. Mindful Conversation Topics For Anyone 1.

Topics to get to know someone

What are three fun facts about yourself? Some people say traveling makes you more interesting.

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What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you like most about your friends?